We started Aventur Eyewear due to a passion of ours for the great outdoors and living life to the fullest, and exactly how you want to live it. Everyone in life has their ups and downs, goals they want to achieve which may feel out of reach, but there is a phrase we live by at Aventur Eyewear.
Keep Pushing Forward!
We wanted to make sure we built a brand around this by designing tough & durable sunnies as a daily reminder to ourselves, whenever we chucked a pair of Aventur sunnies on, we too are tough and durable and are able to make things happen as long as we keep pushing forward.
Our sunglasses are built for more than just everyday activities and are designed for avid adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts! Based on the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland, surrounded by awesome beaches and lush rainforest, our sunnies are built to tackle anything you throw at them!
We have a true love for the great outdoors and want others to come along for the journey. Get out there, leave your comfort zone behind and live life! 
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